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Wilwood Promatrix Rear Replacement Rotor Kit – SRP Drilled & Slotted Rotor



Promatrix Rear Replacement Rotor Kit

ProMatrix Rotor& Caliper Relocation upgrade kits offer measurable brake performance improvements to racers and enthusiasts using the OE factory brake calipers. High strength aluminum relocation brackets increase caliper torque radius .Two -piece directional vane SRP rotors kits provide high temperature durability for the track. SRP drilled and slotted black e-coat rotor kits provide high-tech style with corrosion resistance, durability, and firmer response with reduced deflection under load.

SKU: 136117


Kit Summary

Rear End Axle: OEM
Axle Offset: 0
Spindle Type:
Mount Type:
Caliper Type: 0 – No Calipers Included
Rotor Diameter: 12.88
Spindle Type:
Min Wheel Diameter Req’d*: 17

Fitment & Installation Details

Rear End / Axle Housing Flange:
Confirm The Configuration! Confirm Offset Measurement!

Kit Components & Specifications

Calipers: Info / Part Number:
Left Hand – Part No:
Right Hand – Part No:
Finish Color:
Piston Count:
Piston Area (In²):
Piston Type:
Mount Type:
Brake Pad Plate:
Brake Pad Area (In²):
Brake Pad Volume (In³):
Pad Compound:
Rotors: Info / Part Number:
Left Hand – Part No: 160-12470-BK
Right Hand – Part No: 160-12469-BK
Style: SRP Drilled & Slotted
Surface Finish: Black Electro Coat
Material: Iron
Outside Diameter (in): 12.88
Width (in): 0.75
Vane Count: 48 CV
Design Type: SRP-BLK
Bedded: No
Dynamically Balanced: Yes
 - Iron - Black Electro Coat
Rotor Hats: Info / Part Number:
Hat – Part No: 170-12471
Type: Big Brake Hat – Short Offset
Material: Aluminum
Finish Color: Black E-Coat
Hat Offset Dimension (in): -0.09
Bolt Circle 1: 5 x 4.50
Bolt Circle 2:
Bolt Circle 3:
Stud Diameter – BC 1: 0.58
Stud Diameter – BC 2: 0
Stud Diameter – BC 3: 0
Big Brake Hat - Short Offset - Aluminum - Black E-Coat
Hubs: Info / Part Number:
Hub – Part No:
Finish Color:
Mount Style:
Bolt Circle 1:
Bolt Circle 2:
Bolt Circle 3:
Stud Diameter – BC 1:
Stud Diameter – BC 2:
Stud Diameter – BC 3:

Parts & Accessories

Calipers: Info / Part Number:
O-ring Kit:
Replacement Dustboot:
Replacement Piston 1:
Replacement Piston 2:
Replacement Piston 3:
Replacement Piston 4:
CrossOver O-Ring Kit:
Crossover Tube:
Self-Bleeder Tube:
Bridge Bolt Kit:
Wear Plate – Left Hand:
Wear Plate – Right Hand:
Pad Retainer:
Bleed Screw Kit:
Brake Line Kits: Info / Part Number:
2005 Ford Mustang
Hat: Info / Part Number:
Bolt Kit: 230-8008
Hubs: Info / Part Number:
Bolt Kit:


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 15.8 × 16 × 15.5 in


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Model Year

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