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MM Front Control Arms, 1994-2004 Mustang



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Maximum Motorsports Front Control Arms set the standard for quality and performance. Give your Mustang the #MMAdvantage.

2 versions and 2 options let you choose what’s best for your Mustang!

Better by design

Reduce unsprung weight with these lighter-than-stock control arms.

Lower overall weight by nearly 40 lbs. with the combination of MM Control Arms, MM K-member, and an MM Coil-over Conversion Kit.

Improve steering response and enjoy better control of dynamic alignment through less deflection with urethane or Delrin pivot bushings (your choice).

Increase tire clearance for a tighter turning radius.

Latest-version OEM low-friction ball joints improve performance and ride quality over aftermarket products.

True “A” arm design increases rigidity and equalizes the loads into the K-member compared to standard “V” arms.

Because of gusseting in critical areas, MM Control Arms will plastically deform in a severe accident rather than fracture, absorbing more energy.

Choose from two versions to meet your fitment requirements and performance goals. Some can be used with the stock Ford K-member, while others require a Maximum Motorsports Tubular K-member.


Requires a front coil-over conversion and caster/camber plates; does NOT fit stock-location springs.

2 versions, each with its own fitment requirements. Read the descriptions carefully before choosing!

An MM Front Swaybar Relocation Kit may be required, depending on the combination of control arm version and K-member. See the Front Swaybar Relocation Kit page for details.

1994-2004 SN95 Mustang Control Arm Choices

There are 2 basic versions of MM Front Control Arms available for SN95 Mustangs, plus our specialized Drag Race front control arms. Additionally, the MM FCAs designed for the 1979-1993 Fox Mustang may also be used on an SN95 Mustang. MM’s Fox control arms pull each front wheel 0.9″ further inboard per side than the wheel location set by the MM SN95 Mustang FCAs. Installing Fox FCAs often requires modifying the tie-rod or swapping o a Fox-length tie-rod. The MM SN95 FCAs have an additional swaybar endlink mounting hole, located for use with a Fox chassis front swaybar.

The 2 Versions

The difference between the versions is the ball joint offset in the fore/aft direction. By that we mean the fore/aft location of the ball joint, relative to the rear axle. Moving the ball joint away from the stock fore/aft location affects both wheelbase and caster, as well as tire clearance. Which is best for your Mustang depends both on your combination of parts and your performance goals. If you need help making the decision, contact us.


Installed with an MM Tubular K-member: Moves front wheels forward by 3/4″.

Installed with a stock Ford K-member: retains the stock wheelbase.

Primary uses: with Ford K-member to maintain stock appearance and stock caster. With MM K-member to provide increased caster.


Installed with an MM Tubular K-member: Moves front wheels forward by 1.5″.

Installed with a stock Ford K-member: Moves front wheels forward by 3/4″.

Primary uses: with Ford K-member to provide increased caster. With MM K-member to provide significantly increased caster and move center of gravity slightly rearward, with a small potential for some tire interference (depends on tire size and wheel offset), usually correctable with very minimal modifications.


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