MM Damper Package, struts & shocks, 1987-2004 solid-axle Mustang



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3rd-Gen MM Dampers (black series)

MM’s 3rd-Generation dampers have new features to improve usability and ease installation of coil-overs. Powdercoated black to distinguish them from the yellow 1st- and 2nd-Gen dampers.


  • Appropriate spindles; see the list on the Fitment tab.
  • Double-shear shock mounting brackets; see the Fitment tab for more info.

Maximum Motorsports’ Damper Package for 1987-2004 solid axle-equipped Mustangs provides the superior damping control required for performance handling springs.

Our Street and Sport series are engineered to deliver both good ride quality and great performance. The Race series bumps it up to excellent handling for track Mustangs.

Base package includes:

  • 2 MM Struts
  • 2 MM Shocks
  • 2 MM Upper Shock Mounts (MMSM-20)

Better by Design

MM’s Engineering Team designed our 3rd-Gen Black series dampers with more features and benefits than our 2nd-Gen dampers, which were already a step above many other mustang dampers.

  • Choice of applications: Street, Sport, or Race.
  • Coil-over ready; no modifications required for a coil-over conversion.
  • Monotube design provides superior damping.
  • Reduced fading with high gas pressure.

See the Spring Rate tab for a list of spring rates that each MM strut series will control.

We also have complete packages with coil-overs and MM dampers! We’ll get you set up great with a minimum of fuss and effort on your part.

Dustcover Notes

  • Street series MM Struts include dustcover.
  • Sport and Race series MM Struts do not include dustcovers. Add to your package using the option or order separately.
  • Rear shock dustcover is part of the MMSM-20 kit included in this package.


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