Diagonal Brace Option, welded-in, 2005-2014



SKU: 191946


Diagonal brace is welded to the main hoop during manufacturing. This special order option fits MM roll bars for 2005-2014 Mustangs.


This item is not available separately. Select the diagonal brace option from the roll bar product when you add it to your cart.



  • Stiffens roll bar main hoop.
  • Improves rollover protection.
  • Improves chassis rigidity.

Product Features

  • Made of the same 1.75″ by 0.134″ wall DOM tube as the main hoop.
  • Welded in place during manufacturing.


  • To order a Diagonal Brace, select the “Diagonal Brace Option”, checkbox before adding the roll bar to your shopping cart. This item is not available separately. You must purchase an appropriate roll bar at the same time.
  • Convertibles require extensive modifications to the rear quarter interior plastic panel on the passenger side to accommodate the diagonal brace option. We have no instructions for the modifications; you will be on your own, should you choose to retain the interior panel.
  • We do not stock roll bars with this special-order option. Allow 2-4 weeks for manufacturing.

The Tech Info button below provides more technical information on MM Roll Bars.


  • Any model roll bar that does not include high-mounted door bars and have a welded-in harness mount brace does not meet the NHRA or NMRA rules.
  • Roll bars should have padding wherever any part of an occupant’s body may come into contact with the steel tubing. This includes hands, feet, arms, and legs, not just the occupants’ heads. Click here for roll bar padding.


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