Caster Camber Plates, 2005-2014 Mustang (Base Kit for 2.5″ coil-overs)



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Mm5CC-7 is our base caster camber plate for installation of an aftermarket adjustable ride-height coil-over kit. Designed for use with a standard coil-over spring and matching upper spring perch, it does not fit stock or direct replacement springs. While the most popular coil-over springs are 2.5″ in diameter, the Mm5CC-7 will fit other coil-over spring diameters as long as the matching upper spring perch is in use.

While in stock form, 2005-14 Mustang camber and caster are non-adjustable, this innovative Maximum Motorsports product lets you align your Mustang’s front tires correctly by allowing adjustment of both caster and camber. Especially well-suited for lowered Mustangs.

Not included

The parts to attach the strut to this caster camber plate and mate to the coil-over spring are not part of the Mm5CC-7. Strut installation kits are sold separately; select from the options listed above.


Installation kit to match the struts and adjustable 2.5″ coil-overs on your Mustang.

Now available:


  • 2005-2014 Mustang and 2007-2014 GT500 with an aftermarket adjustable-height front coil-over system
  • Strut shafts with a diameter of 14mm, 16mm, or 5/8″

To order

  • Select the installation kit listed for your struts/coil-overs.
  • Currently available kits:HVT struts used in the NASA Spec Iron seriesMCS struts used in the NASA Spec Iron series
  • Click the Add To Cart button.

Better by design

Maximum Motorsports invented the double-adjustable caster camber plate for Mustangs in 1993. That innovation pioneered the separate and independent adjustment of caster and camber for Mustangs.

Why do I need these MM Caster Camber plates?

  • Mm5CC-7 is the base caster camber plate for installation of an aftermarket adjustable ride-height coil-over kit. Those aftermarket struts usually use standard coil-over-style springs (2.5″ is typical), not stock or direct replacement springs. To attach a strut and a standard coil-over spring to the caster-camber plate, you’ll need a separate installation kit designed for specific struts and coil-over kits.
  • Lowering your Mustang will cause the top of the front tires to “lean in” toward the center of the car (increased negative camber). That may cause uneven tire wear.
  • You can easily correct excessive negative camber with MM Caster Camber Plates. The product will work well even on an S197 Mustang lowered as much as 2.5 in.
  • MM Caster Camber Plates allow front alignment adjustment for improved performance. Increased negative camber provides more cornering grip.

Camber Adjustment

  • Because lowering your daily-driven Mustang can cause too much negative camber, you’ll want to be able to adjust it back to factory specifications to maintain good tire wear.
  • Camber may be adjusted to a much more negative setting to increase front grip when cornering.

Caster Adjustment

MM Caster Camber Plates provide a small range of adjustment for caster, which is otherwise not adjustable. While the S197 Mustang chassis was designed with a very suitable amount of positive caster for performance driving, it can benefit from fine-tuning the adjustment to reduce the ill effects of production tolerances.


  • Main plate is laser-cut from high-grade alloy steel, not mild steel. This increased strength greatly reduces the possibility of bending.
  • MM-designed spherical bearing is custom-made in the USA.
  • Durable black powdercoat finish is standard.

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