Benne Bel Booster Pums 40 Am

Benne Bel Booster Pums 40 Am (KB-40Amps)



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Kenne Bell Boost A PumpA time tested and proven Kenne Bell innovation, the BOOST-A-PUMP™, powers some of the world’s most powerful production street and competition vehicles. Kenne Bell kits all use the BOOST-A-PUMP™ to reliably produce those big HP numbers – on pump gas! It activates only at full throttle or boost, so it doesn’t “bloat” or “overload” the fuel system at idle or cruise where full time pumps and extra fuel are not required. So, the fuel isn’t heated (gasoline begins to boil at 95°). No “cool can” is necessary. And it’s much easier to install (cut one wire) and more reliable than fuel pumps. While dyno and street testing, our On Board Data Logger told us that fuel flow was less at night when the lights, stereo etc. were on. The voltage to the pump was varying between 12 and 13.5 volts and fuel was being reduced up to 15%. Further testing in our Fuel Flow Lab indicated that by elevating the voltage to the pump we could safely increase fuel capacity by as much as 50%.The Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP™ does just that – and it automatically maintains the pre-set voltage or % increase with as little as 10 volts at the battery.Kenne Bell, The Innovators, have done it again! This is an ingenious, reliable yet simple solution to your fuel system needs. Imagine 50% more fuel delivery and horsepower without the hassle and expense of draining and removing the gas tank, tapping into fuel lines or adding a noisy in-line pump – and it doesn’t heat the fuel up.The Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP™ is fully adjustable from 1% to 50% with the mere turn of a dial, so pump output can be varied to match your engine’s needs. Unfortunately, the regulator also locks you into a richer and higher pressure at idle and part throttle which can affect driveability and emissions. The FMU limits you to a fixed wide open throttle pressure.

Part #: KB-40Amps

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