Bassani BX Mid Pipes w/Cats 2003-04 Mustang Cobra – Aluminized

Bassani BX Mid Pipes w/Cats 2003-04 Mustang Cobra – Aluminized (BX46033)



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Bassani BX Mid Pipe systems features aluminized steel pipes which give the same performance and excellence at a more affordable price.Bassani Power X Crossover Pipe for Mustang 2003 Cobra 4.6L – Aluminized * 2 1/2 diameter tube * 5 pc. modular Power X * S.S. comes with metallic substrate catalytic converters and Offroad delete tubes * BX comes with ceramic catalytic converters only * Bassani Xhaust Crossover Pipes are designed as a unique X shaped chamber made out of two stamped sections * Precision design means huge gains in power, sound and appearance * Bassani X and Y Pipes are custom-made for your specific make, model, and year * Features mandrel-bent tubing for healthy exhaust scavenging * Maintains your factory emissions * Crafted in the USA Description If you are upgrading the exhaust system on your vehicle, we recommend using Bassani’s Power X Crossover Pipes with catalytic Converters & Premium “High Flow” cats are used and all factory connections are retained. Compared to an off-road crossover pipe without cats, there is virtually no difference in power output. So for street use, cats are definitely the way to go. BX PERFORMANCE now offers the same unique precision design, same superior performance and same Bassani excellence at a more affordable price. These quality products are a fantastic value when compared to other ordinary aluminized systems. Bassani systems feature aluminized steel pipes and precision-designed muffler(s) with durable STAINLESS STEEL internal construction housed in a 16 gauge aluminized steel case. For built-in toughness and longer life, BX PERFORMANCE features stainless steel end caps and precision stainless steel welds. Unlike the competition, BX includes high-grade premium hardware, gasket-less ball and socket connectors and polished stainless steel tips.

Part #: BX46033

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