15-20 Ford Mustang Billet IRS Vertical Link S550



SKU: 190888


UPR Billet IRS Vertical Link for your Mustang S550 2.3 V6 or GT are made from 2024 Billet Aluminum and feature Delrin bushings & Stainless Steel sleeves to replace the factory stamped steel links with rubber bushings. These new links will limit deflection under load which will reduce wheel hop, allow for harder launches and more consistency in the suspension. Made from 2024 Billet Aluminum instead of the standard 6061 that our competitors use adds strength to a critical part of the suspension. 2024 has a tensile strength of 68k psi compared to 45k psi or 51% stronger than 6061. All of our Suspension Products are made with the Highest Quality materials and most expensive components. We spare no expense on our products and always stand behind them with our Lifetime warranty that no one else offers.



Product Features

» Delrin Bushings

» 45-60 Minute Installation

» CNC 2014 Billet Aluminum

» Reduces deflection & wheel hop

» Stainless Steel Sleeves & Washers




Installs in 45-60 minutes


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