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Wilwood AERO4 WCCB Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Rear Parking Brake Kit – Nickel Plate Caliper – Plain Face Rotor

$7,133.00 $6,368.75

AERO4 WCCB Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Rear Parking Brake Kit

AERO4 WCCB Carbon-Ceramic Rotor Rear Parking Brake Kits offer an extreme performance upgrade featuring WCCB Carbon-Ceramic Dynamic Mount Rotors with Wilwood’s exclusive Bobbin Mounting System. AERO4 WCCB kits are engineered to maximize braking capacity inside custom wheels. Rear parking brake kits offer a simple bolt-on installation with internal shoe backing plates for outstanding holding power and are fully compatible with ABS and OE master cylinder output. AERO4 calipers are a competition proven and offer fully detail machined forged caliper body demonstrates superior strength and resistance to deflection and separation under high load. A high temperature, fluid resistant “Quick-Silver“ Nickel plate is the standard for performance, other colors (Black and Red powder coat) are available as options. 14.00” WCCB rotors are made from a proprietary blend ceramic matrix composite material commonly known as Carbon-Ceramic and dynamically using Wilwood’s proprietary integrated anti-rattle Bobbin Mounting System. WCCB rotors offer higher thermal conductivity and heat capacity in excess of conventional iron or titanium rotors of similar or even greater weight and have been developed to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking and wear.

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Kit Summary

Rear End Axle: Mustang 05-up
Axle Offset: 2.66
Spindle Type:
Mount Type: Radial
Caliper Type: 4 – Nickel Plate
Rotor Diameter: 14
Spindle Type:
Min Wheel Diameter Req’d*: 18

Fitment & Installation Details

Rear End / Axle Housing Flange:
Confirm The Configuration! Confirm Offset Measurement!

Kit Components & Specifications

Calipers: Info / Part Number:
Left Hand – Part No: 120-13338-N
Right Hand – Part No: 120-13338-N
Type: AERO4
Finish Color: Nickel Plate
Piston Count: 4
Piston Area (In²): 1.98
Piston Type: Stainless
Mount Type: Radial
Brake Pad Plate: 6617
Brake Pad Area (In²): 11.1
Brake Pad Volume (In³): 5.2
Pad Compound: PCM
AERO4 Caliper - Nickel Plate
Rotors: Info / Part Number:
Left Hand – Part No: 160-12441
Right Hand – Part No: 160-12441
Type: WCCD Carbon-Ceramic
Style: Plain Face
Surface Finish: Plain
Material: C/SiC
Outside Diameter (in): 14
Width (in): 1.1
Vane Count: 24 V
Design Type: C/SiC
Bedded: No
Dynamically Balanced: No
WCCD Carbon-Ceramic - C/SiC - Plain
Rotor Hats: Info / Part Number:
Hat – Part No: 170-12625
Type: Parking Brake Hat – Dynamic Bobbin Mount
Material: Iron
Finish Color: Black E-Coat
Hat Offset Dimension (in): 1.95
Bolt Circle 1: 5 x 4.50
Bolt Circle 2: 5 x 4.75
Bolt Circle 3: 5 x 5.00
Stud Diameter – BC 1: 0.52
Stud Diameter – BC 2: 0.52
Stud Diameter – BC 3: 0.52
Parking Brake Hat - Dynamic Bobbin Mount - Iron - Black E-Coat
Hubs: Info / Part Number:
Hub – Part No:
Finish Color:
Mount Style:
Bolt Circle 1:
Bolt Circle 2:
Bolt Circle 3:
Stud Diameter – BC 1:
Stud Diameter – BC 2:
Stud Diameter – BC 3:

Parts & Accessories

Calipers: Info / Part Number:
O-ring Kit: 130-2579
Replacement Dustboot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: 200-7513
Replacement Piston 2: 200-7513
Replacement Piston 3: N-A
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
CrossOver O-Ring Kit: N-A
Crossover Tube: N-A
Self-Bleeder Tube: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: N-A
Wear Plate – Left Hand: 300-5876
Wear Plate – Right Hand: 300-5876
Pad Retainer: N-A
Bleed Screw Kit: 220-0627
Brake Line Kits: Info / Part Number:
2005 Ford Mustang
Parking Brake Cable: 330-11221
Hat: Info / Part Number:
Bolt Kit: Call
Hubs: Info / Part Number:
Bolt Kit:


Additional information

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 15.8 × 16 × 15.5 in


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Model Year

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