JLT V3.0 Satin Oil Separator – Driver Side


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JLT V3.0 Driver Side Satin Oil Separator guarantees that you achieve sustained, maximum engine performance from your Mustang by preventing blow-by circulation into the PCV system. That can result in engine gumming, coating of the inside of the intake manifold as well as the throttle body.

JLT’s V3.0 Driver Side Satin Oil Separator features a 3.0 oz fluid retention capacity. Additionally, it features a multi-phase filtration system that effectively traps fine vapors, thus allowing clean air to pass through your intake manifolds.

This Oil Separator is a complete plug-and-play system with factory PCV hoses.

JLT provides a limited lifetime warranty on this Satin Oil Separator against material and craftsmanship flaws.

The JLT V3.0 Driver-Side Satin Oil Separator is not legal for use in California and states that have adopted similar emission policies.

The JLT V3.0 Driver Side Satin Oil Separator fits the 2018-2019 Ford Mustang GT.

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