96-98 Mustang GT Single Turbo System

96-98 Mustang GT Single Turbo System (9698GTST)


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This wonderful 1996-1998 Mustang GT Single Turbo System can provide your hot ride 350 to 850 HP. Complete system kit include injectors, programmer’ and a basic tuneThe mos popular kit, the 1996-1998 Mustang GT kit , has taken the aftermarket by storm. Want 430 reliable rear wheel horse power from you street car? Then simply install one of hellion kits on your 99-04 Mustang GT and reap the benefits of power and reliability. Drive your car daily? No problem, this kit, on a stock GT, averaged 26mpg when we drove. The car also never ran hot, and we had the A/C blasting the whole way. This is the best performance option for your 99-04 Mustang GT.

Part #: 9698GTST

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